Each holiday should be special. And Samadeva absolutely agrees with it!

What can make your birthday party special and unusual? Pleasant atmosphere, delicious vegetarian (vegan and raw) dishes, prepared with love and gratitude, smiling and attentive people around. The party will be absolutely amazing and remarkable if you book a table or rent the cafe at Kazanskaya street, 10.

We have an experience in wedding-party organizations. And we know that this day is'n just a special day for every couple. It is the only and absolutely unique day full of Love. Samadeva cafe is an expert in Love. And, of course, it is an expert in holiday cuisine, original drinks, good florists and interesting wedding script-writing.  In our cafe you can book a private vegetarian wedding-party.

Moreover, we are also glad to host graduation parties and your personal parties. Wonderful music, individual vegetarian menu, comfortable location in the heart of the city – all these things are already included. All you need is to be here in that moment. 

Samadeva could provide you everything for your special days!