Samadeva Cafe философское вегетарианское кафе
Welcome to vegetarian cafe Samadeva.
We are prepared for you vegetarian dishes of Indian and European cuisine, sweets and delicious drinks.
The Centre of Harmonious Development
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Samadeva is a vegetarian cafe just in the heart of Saint-Petersburg. It realizes philosophy of health and harmonious life.

We try to embody all these sacral knowledges from the  Dervish Hakim order that are based on two studies: "The science of delicious and healthy food" and "The science of impressions". The second one says that a person needs food not just for his body, but also for emotional and intellectual development. There are well-flavored, good-looking food, natural colors in the interior, walls and tables that we painted by ourselves, pictures of Spiritual Masters, sacred mus and colorful videos – all these could help you to  be in a state of harmony and happiness.

"The science of delicious and healthy food" exists more than 6000 years and it is still relevant. In our cafe we use only fresh and natural, GMO-free products. We don't use frozen food and we never freeze our dishes. All our dishes are cooked just before serving.

Our chefs come up to a new vegetarian, vegan and raw recipes by themselves or get them from France. They always cook in peace and in good mood. It means that you will get a dish cooked with love and gratitude. Samadeva is the first cafe in Saint-Petersburg where everyone pays a lot of attention to WHAT he or she prepare as well as HOW it should be prepared.

Samadeva is philosophy of Life, philosophy of Gratitude, philosophy of Health and Happiness. Everybody will found there something interesting for himself. There are pencils, sheets of paper, plasticine, cork boards for notes and poems for those who would like to express themselves. There are different eco-lectures, games, movies, concerts here for those who are fond of learning new things in life. There are weddings, birthdays and other celebrationse for those who enjoy life. We serve delicious, fresh and healthy food for each of our guest!

Samadeva is a vegetarian cafe and a philosophy of life!